Launch Updates from Our CTO

October 24, 2018

Saved Searches Done!

We have now put the "Save" functionality and its categories online.

It's all 100% done and functional, including the database learning side. We were able to overcome all the obstacles, and it works perfectly.

We are moving to the next task, which consists of adding a "Popular" button, and making the list of most commented posts appear!

October 16, 2018

Re-training the Database

This week we continued to work on re-training the database based on the updates that we finished, and debugging the problems that we encountered.

We found where the problems are, and have been working on fixing them. We are planning to make those fixes live this coming week.

We are also continuing to work with the client questionnaire.

October 9, 2018

Save Results Complications

Last week, we worked on making the "Save results" and the folders functionality live, updating the machine learning, and re-training the smart database model based on the updates.

We found a few complications there and the model wasn't updating, so the developers had to spend a lot of time on it and debug it. That is still work in progress.

We cannot enable it on live until the model is functional, otherwise it will start gathering incorrect data, and that will add additional complications. We are working on debugging it further this week.

October 2, 2018

"Save Results" completed

We have completed the work on the database learning part for "Save results" and for the folders / collections this week. We have tested everything, found a few bugs and fixed them all. The "Save results" and the folders / collections area easy to put live, while the database learning part is a bit more complex, and the model has to be re-trained based on the updates that we did. We are in training phase now for the smart database.

September 18, 2018

Save Function and Censorship

This current week, we continued the work on the "Save" functionality, and on the folders / collections. Most of the back end functionality is being completed, and we will return to it to fine tune it at the end.

As far as Internet Censorship, the way we have it designed now is to have elements flagged by the users. If more than 5 users flag a particular search result or URL posting, a Zabang moderator will need to look at the post to see if it should be banned.

September 12, 2018

The "Save" functionality for search results

Last week, we have been working on the "Save" functionality for the search results. We are adding that for everything that appears in the search results (featured ads, paid ads, submitted sites / apps / social media pages / organic search results and organic social results).

Based on user focus groups, one major agreement was the idea of organizing the "Saved" results into folders or "collections." This is a great benefit for users because they can organize the dozens or hundreds of links they save. Users will give names such as "family", "health", "cars", "nature" to the folders. This will establish another set of functional uses our search engine will have over Google.

September 5, 2018

Saved Searches +

Last week, we worked on a new updated feature of the back end social media platform. We are now allowing people to save their searches and the results and conversations around it! There is nothing like it right now on the Internet and our focus group came up with this suggestion.

The "Save" button will save search results of all kind (featured ads, paid ads, submitted sites / apps / social pages, organic results) into a separate list which the user can go to anytime. Also, when users click on a search result, the machine learning ads +1 for that search result for that particular social search group.

This week, we are implementing updates on the social search groups.

August 27, 2018

Updates on Paid Ads and Questionnaire

Last week we worked on several updates on the Paid Ads and Questionnaire areas on the users' accounts.

There were design updates to do to make these areas look good, and we needed to rework the designs with the designers to implement them. The Questionnaire area was an area that needed quite a bit of help, as the initial focus group did not respond well.

The new design is being implemented this week. The purpose of the questionnaire is to profile users in terms of their needs to better serve the result set.

August 15, 2018

"Submit projects" functionality

Last week, we started work on the "Submit projects" functionality. We finished it yesterday.

When you are logged in, simply press on "Submit projects" and it will take you to the Submitted Websites page where you can add a website, or navigate to the two other areas: Submitted Mobile Apps and Submitted Social Pages.

This week, the team is beta testing Zabang now with the new tabs. We will be doing this for the next 3 weeks and making any minor changes to the functionality. We should be ready to roll with Zabang soon.

August 7, 2018

"Submitted Social Pages" / "Trending"

We have connected the "Submitted Social Pages" with the filters from "Trending": In this way, when users look for items using the "Trending" filter, they can get results from "Submitted Social Pages" too.

We are testing it now with the existing social media feeds we have hooked up.