Launch Updates from Our CTO

March 28, 2019

Load Testing Relevancy Feature

Last week and this week, we have been load testing the new functionality that allows the user to rate how relevant the search results are for a given Keyword Search Group. There were several issues we needed to address and will continue to address. In addition, we are designing database structure updates that will allow us to build functionality where users can re-arrange search results within a given Keyword Search Group.

March 20, 2019

Load Testing

We are load testing the new functionalities, both last week and this week.

We also started to work on the functionality that allows user to rate how relevant are the search results within a Keyword Search Group.

We created the database structure for that, and laid the foundation the base for further development.

March 13, 2019

Keyword Search Groups (KSGs) Live

Last week, we made the keyword search groups live on Zabang.

In a few words, users can create their keyword search groups and then can add search results to specific keyword search groups.

After that, other users can search for keywords in specific keyword search groups as well.

We are going to be doing load testing on these new functionalities these next two weeks.

March 7, 2019

Load Testing

We have been in load testing our social search group functionality and have been in the process of fixing all the bugs that came up. We are now working on the transition to make the new groups live on this upcoming week.

February 28, 2019

Keyword Search Groups (KSGs) Completed

The Keyword Seach Groups on Zabang are basically completed. We've added all the functionality that we had in mind for the future functionality testing this week. With the new levels of simultaneous users, we continued to fix bugs on the groups last week after making a list of items that needed attention. We will review everything again this week and fix any other bugs that come up.

February 21, 2019

Load Testing

We are in the second week of load testing the new server and installing the new code.

We have hit some milestones and are moving forward with the new migration of the rest of the social network code this week.

February 14, 2019

Searching of Keyword Search Groups (KSGs)

We are continuing the load testing for the new server and code for this week and last week, focusing search part of Keyword Search groups. We are in the midst of separating out the specific search results for each keyword search group and ensuring that the database is keeping fidelity to the comments being given in each grouping.

February 7, 2019

Load Testing

As mentioned last week, we have installed the new virtual testing server for the Beta users, but had to reinstall the system this week after it was not working the way we had planned.

There was code that was mucking up the system and the RAM kept getting used up after about a few hundred comments that were posted for several search results.

This is called "load testing." This is the first round of load testing we are doing and our aim is to keep hitting the system to try and crash it, to see if we can get up to 100,000 simultaneous users on it successfully without crashing. Then we will test to see if we can get 1,000,000.

We are still in the midst of recreating the code this week and next. When this gets done, we will start to implement the beta code and users.

January 29, 2019

Keyword Search Groups (KSGs)

We have completed installing and testing the new virtual server for Zabang testing for Beta users.

We spent most of the time this week continuing the work on Keyword Search Groups (KSGs) in Zabang. Each KSG has 4 tabs, as follows:

  • KSG Results - We worked on this in the last few weeks, and completed it already;
  • Chat - Users will be able to comment on this KSG inside this tab; We copied all the functionality from the Website Reviews, duplicated it, and made it work for KSGs.
  • Owner - This tab will have this information about the KSG owner:
  • Settings - This tab will allow the user to rename the KSG or delete it. This tab will be visible to the KSG owner only.

The only things left to do on KSG are:

  • allow users to search for results inside KSGs by writing search queries that look like this: "restaurants in new york * restaurants", where “restaurants in new york” is the searched keyword, the * sign is the separator, and “restaurants” means that search results should be pulled from KSGs that have “restaurants” in the KSG name. We will work on this functionality this coming week.
  • testing, bug fixing, making all the KSGs functionality live.

January 24, 2019

Upcoming Beta Trials

Last week and this week, we are configuring a new server for the upcoming new beta trials for Zabang. This server will be the separate testing server for the Beta users we recruit from Zabang. It includes the new codes, subdomains and expert database systems we are creating.

We are also continuing to update and test the latest sections of the keyword search groups.