Launch Updates from Our CTO

October 4, 2019

The Best of Social Media Postings

We have now migrated from the internal notifications and comments to the ongoing ratings systems for each comment and search URL entry.

For the last 2 weeks, we have had our alpha test team create user entries for specific keyword phrases. These entries included URLs for web sites, videos and audio podcasts.

We are now strategizing an architecture to have users cut and paste capability for social media, so we can start posting these pieces of hidden internet information (because they are behind a secure private member section of the social media posting) on Zabang.

In our system, users will get rewarded by others with points for creating a new entry in the zabang database that is pertinent for a specific keyword phrase. This user did not originate the thought of this content, but rather cut and pasted the content from one of their social media accounts.

We can thus use the Zabang database to be a repository of the best of social media postings, regardless of social media outlet.

September 16, 2019

DEV and testing

The internal notifications and comments module are live now after the 4 weeks of dev and testing. Here are a few issues we had dealt with and fixed to highlight:

Wysiwyg was appearing in front of the menu and gray layer.

The dropdown with users that can be tagged was also appearing on front of the menu and gray layer.

Various corrections to navigation links.

On Zabang DEV, we styled this notification and made it look much prettier now. We will migrate all the updates that we did on the DEV site to the LIVE site early next week.

June 30, 2019

Zabang forums

We have had a busy few weeks coding in the new collaboration system for conversations and interaction. With the initial test alpha test users, we are having them test out how we are managing the individuals in the group. The best contributors will be incentivized and rewarded. The worst contributors will be banned. We need to work out the rules for what constitutes a good contributor vs. a bad contributor. One the rules are worked out and applied, we need to apply the rewards system and the system of banishment (probation or full banishment, by user name or by IP).

We cannot afford to turn Zabang forums into a free for all anarchy, complete with unintelligent, mean or predatory people that are there to take advantage of others. We are cultivating a system by which we create the environment to gather the right kind of user.

Zabang will be useful be only if it is a community where people feel safe and incentived to contribute URLs without being shamed or bullied. That is why we are putting a system in place for people to be directed into their own special community of like minded people.

So far, we have completed the functionality that allows the keyword search group leaders to completely ban users from that moderators group. We have also continued to refine the user experience on the chat forums.

July 30, 2019

Notifications system

We have continued to work on the Notifications system in Zabang this week. We have worked on the back end functionality that is between what is called the User Tagging and the Database. The programming team has also done some of the functionality that makes the notification appear on the website no matter what page the user is on. This is a large task, so it's all work in progress.

July 20, 2019

WYSIWYG editor

We are progressing with the Alpha test team with the site design for the collaboration engine.

Thus far, we have implemented a WYSIWYG text editor everywhere on the site where there are comments that users can add. The WYSIWYG editor, allows the following:
- format the text
- add images
- add videos (embedded videos from Youtube, Vimeo)
- add emoticons

We are in design mode to update the collaboration between people, and this is in the wireframe process (drawings), not yet coded.

June 21, 2019

Fixing Bugs and Intense Coding

We have been busy writing the new updated code these last 3 weeks for Zabang. It has been a lot of work and filled with one thing after another, but we are making consistent progress.

There are constant shifts of code with increasing complexity, but we are trying to simplify without losing functionality.

June 13, 2019

Preventing "Gaming" of the System

This last week has been intense with the coding ... We are in the midst of redesigning the social scores at the moment and looking at ways to also find out when people are artificially "gamng" the system. So we are writing apps that track people's scores and their search result patterns. Just like how criminals are always tracked by looking at what they are buying - when a person that wasn't spending a lot of money starts to buy boats and high priced items, then it may be a sign that they have gamed the system and did something wrong.

Bottomline, when people see the value of the Zabang system, the first thing unscrupulous people will do is to try to figure out the hacks and how to get better scores without doing the work that deserves that score. This is not a question of if, but when. It is just part of being on the Internet. We want to make sure that when this type of thing happens, people can spot it and alert us.

June 5, 2019

Social Search Engine

This week has been a development week regarding the social search engine. We have been working with the handpicked beta testers on the current modules and the up coming modules. We are creating a system to get a true community feel.

May 30, 2019

Group Conversations cont'd

We are in the midst of creating the major functionalities for the group conversations on Zabang.

We are updating the Zabang DEV site with the most recent codes from the Live site as well.

May 23, 2019

Group Conversations

We are in the midst of creating the new functionality for the group conversations on Zabang. This is a major functionality and we will be working on this next to implement and test it.

We have also started to update the Zabang DEV site with the most recent codes from the Live site, so that we do all the new functionality on the DEV site, and we review it there, while the Live site remains unaffected.