Launch Updates from Our CTO

March 2, 2020

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

We have been strategizing the best way to start creating ads and are looking at 3 possibilities - a plain text ad (in between the search results), a "featured" Keyword specific ad at the top of the page and also a popup ad in some cases.

These ads are to be broken down into specialized groups, called "Special Interest Groups" (SIGs). This way, the ads are more focused. Getting and guiding people into SIGs is an essential part of Zabang.

We are currently experimenting with different options and creating the user interface for managing this important feature.

February 16, 2020

User Interface Alpha Testers

For the last two weeks, we have been designing an updated user interface with the Alpha test team. This includes user interface designers and social network engineers. The compatibility with Google console was an issue, and will be an ongoing issue from here on out, since Google is really working hard on people being compatible with their rulesets. Having our design mockups to be compliant are part of the ongoing development.

Currently, we are working on the best strategy to roll out the 1st iteration of the search engine with the ads. We have most of the functionality in place except for the Zabang user interface. We are working with a few select Zabang people for this.

January 29, 2020

Finished up the WYSIWYG editor! And Looking Forward!

Last week, we finished up with the WYSIWYG editor and fixing all the bugs that have been identified after implementation of the Google Console ruleset. We are now setting our sights on the entire user interface for URL comments, and working with the Alpha team for getting a consistent user experience.

January 20, 2020

Google Console and WYSIWYG

During the last 2 weeks, we have finished with the updates from the Google Console for all the comments that will be created within the Zabang system. These comments will now be searchable within the Google search engine complex. We are now focusing on the user end of the WYSIWYG editor and fixing all the bugs that have been identified after implementation of the Google Console ruleset. We should have this area done by the end of the week.

January 7, 2020

WYSIWYG editor (cont'd)

We have been working on and are continuing to work on the text editor this week. We have just implemented the editor on all comments sections with all the updates from Google Console.

December 30, 2019

Improved Wysiwyg Text Editor

Based on the work we have been doing with the Google Console, we are introducing the improved version of the Wysiwyg Text Editor. We will continue to work on this for the next couple of weeks, as it is important to be in compliance to the Google search bots.

The WYSIWYG editor, allows the following:

  •  format the text
  •  add images
  •  add videos (embedded videos from Youtube, Vimeo)
  •  add emoticons

December 20, 2019

Google Cloud Console - Continued

This past week, we are continuing to work with the Google Cloud Console for the search engine optimization for the comments section. Our main focus in working on the optimization for the text editor the users will be using. We are experimenting with the use of an AI engine to autofill the meta tags and title descriptions that will be optimized for the new requirements of the Google crawler. We also need to work with and identify comments that will be banned by the crawler and create a way to notify the keyword phrase moderator of these negative consequences.

December 16, 2019

Google Cloud Console

This past week we needed to work with Google Cloud Console to ensure that our pages are being updated correctly by the Google search engine. We checked twice and fixed some bugs that it was reporting on the current Zabang development site. As it continues to monitor the website, additional issues may be discovered as we move forward with our new content based search engine result pages, which are complete with the headers, descriptions, alt tags and anchor text that is required for Google.

December 9, 2019

Comments Section

Last week, we started on creating a way for people to post up text, images, videos and also emoticons within the comments section. It will automatically format into HTML that will be Search Engine Optimized to Google (complete with headers, description, etc) so that we can ultimately drive google search results from our Keyword comments searches to Zabang. This is a major focus for us.

December 3, 2019

Moderator Functionality

This past week, we created moderator functionality to the user-created keyword search groups.

When a user registers to own his/her own keyword search group (they will pay for this privilege via a yearly fee aka GoDaddy), they become a moderator.

The SIG Moderator (owner) is now be able to remove comments written by other users. When a comment is removed by the moderator (owner), the comment does not disappear, but the comment's text gets replaced with this permanently: (Comment removed by moderator). The moderator will also curate the page for Zabang so that we don't need to employ people to do that. In return, the moderator will get part of the advertising revenue for that particular Keyword search group that they curate. It is another way of sharing the revenue and giving the power of Zabang to the users.