February 16, 2022

Zabang Newsletter

The Rise of Search Engine Communities

There is a new type of search engine taking over the Internet – specialized, community-focused search engines. Zabang is the first of this kind, and you have the unique opportunity to be in on the ground floor. Zabang is revolutionizing the search engine industry by focusing on the needs of a specific group of people. Specialized needs necessitate customized results.

Review: How Zabang works

This is how Zabang works: you register and join as many specialized search engine communities as possible that share your views. If you don’t see one, you are free to create one and register a domain name for it. Each community is a mini website (called a portal) dedicated to service of a particular keyword search phrase. Being a member of a community is free and you can earn points to keep your community clean, curated and most of all, relevant.
When you search for anything on Zabang, any specialized community you are a member of will show their own relevant results in the result page. With Google, the top 10 search engine results are the same for everyone, regardless of belief system, cultural preferences, or special needs.
Let’s face it – does a married woman who is in her 50s, has children, loves cats and drives carefully have the same search needs as a single young man in his 20s who is into extreme sports and fast cars? Of course not. It is time for a change, and Zabang is that change.
The woman in her 50s can join several Search Engine Communities. For example: “Safe Cars”, “Cats” and a more specialized one titled “Married with Kids and Cats”. The young man can join “Sports Cars under $50k” and “Snowboarders in Colorado”.

Now imagine they both search on the keyword phrase “Best car to buy under $30k”. Since the woman joined the “Safe Cars” search community, she would get the top 10 results for this keyword phrase voted upon by the members of that community, and the young man would get the top 10 search results voted on by the members of the “Sports Cars under $30k” search community.
The result? Different and more relevant results for both people. Unlike Google, where the results are the same for each person, Zabang gives each person different results using the same search phrase. Unlike Google, you can also get paid using Zabang.
Search Engine Portals
What do Search Engine Communities look like? They appear as mini-websites called Portals. Each Search Engine Portal (SEP) represents a specialized search engine community, dedicated to the niche needs for a group of people. When you choose several SEPs, you now have a set of customized search results that no one else will get. What could be better than that? This is what is better – SEPs make money for the registered owners through revenue sharing.

It is free to join an existing SEP. However, to create one, one must purchase a domain name through Zabang, similar to GoDaddy domain name purchases. All sales revenue from domain name purchases will be shared with the sponsor (10%) and the sponsor's sponsor (5%).

The best SEPs will be the ones that are the most active, meaning that there is a thriving community of people constantly commenting and socializing with each other about the main subject of the SEP. There will be people monitoring and curating the cleanliness and relevance of the Keyword Search Phrases (KSPs) registered to the SEP and their associated search result URLs. After all, who wants to see a search engine result page full of spam links and non-useful or even vulgar results? No one. This is why we incentivize the creation of useful, clean and relevant SEPs. Each person that joins a SEP will be awarded points for posting comments, voting on the relevance of the search results, suggesting more KSPs and offering relevant search results.

Search Engine Portals are at the heart of the Zabang ecosystem. They are human-based search results, not machine AI based results. SEPs share revenue with the members that contribute to their health.
How does it make money?
Simply put, Search Engine Portals sell advertising. They make money by offering sponsored ad space on the portal. The more relevant and active the SEP is, the more search engine traffic it will flow to it. Revenue from each SEP will be shared with Zabang members, starting with the SEP owner and upline sponsors.

Whenever someone searches on the Zabang app, our algorithms will pull up relevant results from any SEP that that person has joined. Just like real estate, the more people that click on any link connected to a SEP, the more potential for cash flow for the SEP owner. And, just like real estate, SEPs can be sold to another person! The more revenue a SEP generates, the higher price it will command.

What are Search Engine Portal Domain Names?
All SEPs will have registered names within the Zabang ecosystem – called a Search Engine Portal Domain Name (SEP Domain Name). Like GoDaddy, each domain name is first come, first serve. Because the best SEP domain names will most likely be taken first, we will be offering to allow a limited amount of SEP Domain names to be sold to select Zabang members as a pre-sale. We are working on these domain registration modules now, and we will send out another newsletter to announce the pre-sale.

As explained in our previous newsletter, valuable domain names that one could resell to others would match highly searched on Keyword Search Phrases on Google, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other search engines.
Because you are an early adopter for Zabang, finding and registering several domain names now and putting them back up for resale would be a GREAT STRATEGY TO MAKE MONEY.

Strategy to Resell a Search Engine Portal Domain
There are several ways to make money by reselling a SEP Domain. Let’s reference real estate as a metaphor for doing this.
  1. Real Estate: Selling an undeveloped vacant lot
    The easiest way to get into real estate is to buy vacant land and just squat on it. When the market grows for that area and therefore the piece of property, that is the time to profit by selling it off. There is no investment in the property other than the original purchase price.
Zabang equivalent: Purchase a Search Engine Portal domain name and resell it.

With Zabang the real estate location/neighborhood is the area surrounding the Keyword Search Phrase (KSP). For example, the number of people searching on a KSP “reviews of Ford F150 truck” will be much more than “best yarn for knitting”.  Therefore, any domain names that are related to Ford F150 trucks (which are the best-selling vehicles of any kind in the world) would be worth much more than that of domains related to knitting. Simply put, registering domains containing keyword search phrases that many people search on will be worth more than ones that do not. Why? Other people will want it when Zabang starts to grow in popularity.

How to do this:
a. Come up with a SEP domain name idea and identify unique Keyword Search Phrases that pertain to that subject.

b. Use the following Keyword Search Phrase tools to identify highly searched on Keyword Search Phrases:
c. Then come up with a domain name to register. It is critical the the domain name is as closely linked, if not identical to, the most relevant Keyword Search Phrase you have come up with.

d. When we have it ready, start the early registration process for Zabang Search Engine Portal Domain names.

e. In a future module, there will be a way for purchased domains to be sold off by auction to the highest bidder.

2. Real Estate: Selling a brand-new home that you design and build
Many people who get into real estate have experience building homes for others to purchase. There is much more profit in this venture than selling a vacant lot, but then again, there is more work.

Zabang equivalent: Developing a Zabang Search Engine Portal and selling it off    
Developing a Zabang Search Engine Portal is easy, fun and rewarding. All you need to do is to find a subject you have expertise and passion for and start a community centered around a set of Keyword Search Phrases. The website you end up creating is a Search Engine Portal.

How to do this:
a. Purchase SEP domain name and

b. Start the process of creating a specialized community portal by choosing the initial keyword search phrases (KSP) relevant to the SEP community’s specialized needs.

c. The next step is to start creating URL links to each KSP you have identify. This is the heart of the Zabang search engine. Find and document at least 10 relevant URLs for each keyword search phrase.

3. Real Estate: Purchasing and improving an existing home or business
If people need to move on from their current home or business, the asset is appraised in accordance with market value – the price of nearby homes or the monthly revenue that the business brings in.

Zabang equivalent: Purchasing and improving and existing Search Engine Portal
Search Engine Portals created in Zabang are their own unique communities, and with passion and proper moderation, a high-quality portal will draw in many people who may become permanent members of the community. The subscriber base of any portal will be used to assess the resale value of an existing portal. The more subscribers, the higher the assessed value of the portal. To take advantage of this strategy, you would:

a. Register and create a Search Engine Portal filled with KSPs and relevant URL links

b. Moderate the SEP so that it is kept clean, full of useful links and most of all, have an engaging community involved in maintaining useful comments and conversations.

c. Create as much search engine traffic per month as possible. The more members and traffic, the more the SEP will be worth.

How do I get started?
Should you wish to take advantage of being at the beginnings of the new search engine revolution (the creation of the very first Search Engine community portals), the best way to get started is to make a list of all Search Engine Portal domains you wish to register when the time comes. Since each SEP will focus on a particular search phrase, start writing down a list of "Keyword Search Phrases" that would be associated with that SEP. Then, start collecting a database of relevant URL links for each Keyword Search Phrase.

For example, if one were to create a search engine community centered around the subject of "Southern Comfort Foods", then the first step would be to create an appropriate SEP domain name for the community - say "The best in Southern Cooking". This SEP can now be a community for all things about southern cooking, including recipe ideas, restaurants, famous celebrities, regional differences and even events. Since all these subjects will be searched on, make a list of any and all "Keyword Search Phrases" (KSP) that would drive people to this SEP. You can use the Keyword Tools mentioned above.

Sample KSPs for “The best in Southern Cooking" SEP would be:
- "The best recipes for southern comfort food"
- "The top restaurants for southern cooking"
- "The best chefs in the south"
- and so on...
Once you have the KSPs all listed out, now start collecting the best URLs associated with each of the KSPs in a document. You don't need to do this all at once! Anytime you are searching, when you come across a great link, copy it and paste it underneath the appropriate KSP.

Once we have the SEP modules finshed, you will be able to transfer this information to your SEP back office.

Registration of Search Engine Portal Domains
Soon the registration module for Search Engine Portal domain names will open for Select Early Registration for the first 1000 members that sign up. These first 1000 people will be involved in online zoom conferences with Zabang to create the most compelling specialized Search Engine Portal communities the Internet has ever seen. In these conferences, we will have search engine and social media expertise available to take people step by step through the process. We will also offer an online mentoring service that can help you create a valuable Search Engine Portal that will create a compelling and influential community and, most importantly, make you money.
Before the module gets introduced, we will put together a SEP domain sign-up process to save your place in line until the registration module goes into effect.
Once we have these first 1000 SEPs created and authenticated by Zabang, we will then have the Zabang Search Engine in Alpha Test phase.
That’s it for this update.
Stay Tuned! We are diligently working on the modules for registration and plan to roll that out first. Once that is completed, we will roll out the Search Engine Portals in modular format.
Thank you for being a Zabang Member.

The Zabang Support and Development Team