September 15, 2021

Zabang Update

It’s like discovering how clear your windshield really is after the film has been cleaned away. In time, depending on these expert search engine portals for your results will be clearly better.
Best of all – what if, by joining Zabang now, you can make money. Remember – Google doesn’t share money with its users. We do.
Welcome to Zabang – the search engine for the mobile generation.
Here are some details:
How are we better?
Human Results mixed in with Machine AI results – this is the better Google.
Google uses machines and algorithms to determine search results only. Zabang adds in human smarts and insights. In the long run, human brains and intuition will add value to machine intelligence every time.
Revenue Sharing
Google shares no revenue with its users. Zabang will share 10% from your direct referrals, and 5% from their referrals. Imagine Google doing that!
Zabang will share in all advertising revenue and search engine portal domain sales. What are search engine portal domains? See below for the exciting details.
Customized Results
In each country & language, Google has only one set of results for everybody – no matter the race, creed, political belief or culture. Zabang will be a rainbow of viewpoints from all different kinds of experts.
Money while you Sleep!
Zabang is your SILENT CASH MACHINE.  24/7, it will make money for you. First off, any one you sponsor into Zabang will get you 10% of any revenue they generate. You will get 5% revenue share from anyone that your sponsored people sponsor.
Secondly, for those of you who are experts in any subject (and who isn't?), you can create a “search engine portal” and fill it with the best links for that registered subject matter. Just like YouTube and Instagram, the more visitors you attract to your portal, the more advertising revenue we will share with you.
What are search engine portals?
These are mini-websites within Zabang (owned by members) that contain targeted links related to a particular subject. For example, “Ford Pick-up Trucks”, “Los Angeles Restaurant Reviews” and “Best Skin Care for Infants” are all great search engine portal domains. Why? Because many people search using these keywords. The more popular the keyword phrase, the more visitors you will receive to the domains you own, and the more advertising revenue you will share in.
Simply put, Zabang is a new type of GoDaddy – you can choose whatever portal domain name you like and register it. We then automatically create a “search engine portal” for you. All you do is to put in the best URLs for websites, videos and social media posts for that subject matter, and we will rank the results according to popularity and comments. Yes – you read that right. People will be able to discuss these results and you will be able to directly chat with your subscribers.
Soon, the RUSH will be on to register your own personalized Search Engine Portal domain name. For a limited time only, we will offer an early-bird discount for the purchase of these domain names. Stay tuned!
Zabang is your own mini-Google!
Think of it this way – what if you had a store that specialized in hardware (think Ace hardware). Would you add in baby clothes? No! That’s not what people are coming in there for. You only want to put in things related to hardware. For example, with a search engine portal you register as “Simple DIY Projects for the Home”, your links, videos and chat rooms will be all related to home hardware reviews and DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects.
And then, when you start to know your audience, what if this hardware store started to subspecialize in highly stylized hardware just for today’s modern homes and apartments (think Restoration Hardware). Would you put in items that are found in Ace Hardware? No – your audience is more targeted, and may actually have more disposable income to spend.
So you register and create another search engine portal. For example – “Modern Home Restoration Ideas”. Now your links to website URLs, videos and chat rooms will have a different upscale flavor than the one for the Ace Hardware audience. In this portal, the advertising rates will be much higher, and you have a higher chance of making more revenue.
The better the links you provide, and the better chats you host on your portal, the more popular it will be. You will then essentially be creating your own specialized website within Zabang. And that is where our power lies – we have just allowed you to launch your own personal Google for a specific niche group of people. Isn’t that great?
How do you start registering your Search Engine Portal Domain?
The timetable to start actual purchase of your own Search Engine Portal domains is coming soon. We are almost there, with just a few milestones away. The next update will have details such as: how much the domains will cost, what the early bird discounts will be and how each portal can be maintained to ensure the highest quality for users of the Zabang search engine.
What can I do to prepare for the start of Search Engine Domain registrations?
Remember - search engine domains are portals within Zabang like YouTube channels. They all specialize in a particular subject. The better the content related to that subject, the more popular that portal will be. Therefore, it is wise to be as familiar with a search engine domain as possible.
Start by creating a list of all the things you are expert at. If you are like most people, you are an expert in several things – don’t worry, nothing is too trivial. Remember, people search on anything!  
Then start creating the popular search terms for each subject domain you list. These will be the “keyword search terms” that you will want to tag your subject domains with.
Finally, start creating a list of URLs (websites, videos, podcasts, social media posts, images) that are relevant to each subject domain.
It's that easy! When we have the modules ready to go, you will have a tremendous amount of content that we can showcase in the Zabang search engine for any of the keywords searches that you specify.
Until the next update!
Thank you for being a Zabang Member.

- The Zabang Support and Development Team.