December 15, 2020

Keyword Search Phrase Domain Names

Hello Zabang!

It’s been long overdue, but here is our latest update. We have been working very hard before and during this pandemic crisis in transforming Zabang to a mobile-friendly social search engine that pays you.

The biggest addition to Zabang is that we have created a way for it to grow bigger and get more valuable over time – allowing for an even bigger cash flow stream for our members. How are we doing this? By allowing members to establish their own mini-search engine empires within Zabang.

Imagine if you owned the top 10 search results for popular Google search phrases like “Best new pickup trucks” or “Real estate for sale in Florida”. How much revenue in sponsored ads do you think they generate from these pages? With Zabang, you will soon be able to register keyword search phrases such as these and share in the cash flow stream. And if any of your 2-level downline registers these phrases, you have the potential to earn even more.

What exactly a mini-search engine within Zabang? It is a portal containing the best links you can find related to a particular subject – such as “Florida Real Estate”. Once you register a domain name with Zabang related to this subject, you then can create a list of all the possible search engine search phrases you can think of about “Florida Real Estate”.

The next step: for each specific search phrase you come up with, you then upload your top 10 links related to each phrase. URL Links can be to websites, videos, podcasts and even social media posts.

Here is where we are different: these top 10 links are now decided upon by a human, not a machine! The algorithm is based on your natural intelligence - not some mystical AI (Artificial Intelligence) created by highly-paid millenials with relatively little life experience.

Now, if you are somewhat experienced with “Florida Real Estate” (a person we call a “Subject Matter Expert''), then your Zabang portal will have very relevant links for every keyword search phrase you register. In the long run, we at Zabang are betting that human-powered search results will be as good or even better than AI-powered search results.

The power of human discernment and experiential thought is the basis of the Zabang social search engine. It is up to us, the Zabang members, to make our search engine great. And because of this, we all deserve to share in the revenue stream together.

So, when someone conducts a search on Zabang home page and the keyword search phrase matches one of your registered search phrases, one of your top ten links (for that phrase) will show up in the search results. If the person searching Zabang sees your link and clicks on it, they will have the chance to rate how relevant it is. The more upvote points your link gets, the more it rises on the search engine results, and the better chance your portal will get the click-though traffic. Note that in most cases, there will be other competing portals that have also created the exact same Keyword Search Phrase, and their links will also show up on the main search results.

This now the *second level* of human discernment: people on the main search result page will get to vote on which links contributed by all the portals are the most relevant. Over time, for every single keyword search phrase, we keep track and show only the highest rated links. The more points a link earns, the more potential revenue will be shared with you.

For example, let’s assume you (or someone you know) are a realtor in Florida, and you register the Zabang domain name of “Gulf Coast Real Estate”.  You now have the opportunity to create what we call a Subject Matter Expert Portal ("SMEP"). This portal will showcase your inside knowledge about your expertise. Let’s say that this SMEP registers 2 keyword search phrases, one of which is “Naples Real Estate forecast 2020” and “Naples Real estate rentals”.

Why these two? Because if you type “Naples Real Estate” into the Google search field, these two phrases come up as one of the top suggestions. This means that Google searches on these two phrases quite frequently (Don't worry - we will be teaching you little secrets to building your SMEP and how to drive traffic to it).

Because you are knowledgeable in this field, Zabang is the only way to create your own “Top 10” list for search results related to these keyword search phrases! Just for yourself, this is an amazing tool. Don’t you ever wish that you can just go through the entire Google result list re-rank all the results according to your own humble opinion? Now you can. All you need to do is go find the 10-best links (including video, podcast and social media postings) and register them in your personal Zabang SMEP.  The easy way is to just get them from all the possible links Zabang & Google provides in their machine-driven search results, but over time, you will find other sources.

Now, when someone in the Zabang search engine types in any of your keyword search phrases, our engine will choose one of your top 10 links from your list and we will drive traffic to your SMEP. The better and more relevant the link is, the more points it will earn, and will keep rising to the top of the Zabang list for that particular Keyword Search Phrase.

Because Zabang users will be able to vote on the relevancy of each search result, we will now have a search engine that relies on the nuances of human beings, not machines, for the best search results. This makes us distinct from Google and the other search engines. Within a short amount of time, Zabang will be a viable alternative to Google with the relevancy of its search results, not to mention its revenue sharing model.

The purpose of these Zabang SME portals, just like a YouTube channel, is to accumulate as much traffic as possible. That’s why it pays to register a SMEP that you are knowledgeable in. The more traffic a SMEP gets, the more revenue you will share with Zabang. It’s that simple.

Think about this: the more SMEPs you create and develop, the more potential cash flow you can create. Just like real estate, you can now have the opportunity to start your own digital search engine empire.  Except that instead of “Location, Location, Location” – we are “Keyword, Keyword, Keyword”! 

Just as in the early days of GoDaddy, there will be a gold rush for our Keyword Search Phrase Domain Names. Stay tuned to how we will open the gates – it will be soon, by first quarter 2021.

Once we have registered a critical mass of these SMEP domain names, we will launch the actual SME portal app so you can start building out your links.

Here is what we are counting on – Zabang, over time, will have a very powerful human-run search engine. Not machine or AI driven, but human driven. It will change the search engine industry and change your life.