May 14, 2020


We continued the work on displaying the list with tagged users on Zabang. Again, it's the list with users that one tags when commenting or sharing content with.

We have also got started on the functionality where users would tag each other based on their unique @usernames, instead of full names. We started by adding fields to the registration and edit profile forms where the user would enter a unique username, and storing them in the database. This functionality was suggested by the alpha test team, in order to prevent the situation when there are multiple users with the same name, as in this example, and one doesn't know whom to tag.

Displaying both the username, and full name in the dropdown and searching by both would be ideal. In this way, when a user knows someone username or name, he can write any of these two and find that person. We will test this idea when finished by the test team and see what they have feedback on.