April 27, 2020

Tagged users on Zabang

We are continuing the work on displaying the list with tagged users on Zabang. It's the list with users that one tags when commenting or sharing content with. The task is more complex, so we have more work and testing to do there.

We have done the following recently:

When the user receives the shared information, he/she can click on the name of the user, and can go to see the content which was shared with them.

We are also working on rearranging this list as follows: users who are active in a chat room, users whom I follow, users who are following me, the rest of the users on the site.

This next week, we are finishing with the requirements that will allow for users to tag each other with their unique avatar names (e.g. @usernames), instead of real full names. As you know, there are multiple real full names, but one can choose several unique avatar names to be in the system with, depending on the hat one is wearing at the time.