November 1, 2019

User Tagging and User Notifications System

The architecture for the private keyword search groups is in development now. In the meantime, we have finished the User tagging and user notifications system.

Here are the details:

  1. We want to allow users to mention/tag other users when they comment. When mentioning/tagging other users, you have to write @ in front of the name of the user that you want to tag, e.g: @Rocky Balboa

  2. When a user is tagged, we want him to get a notification when he logs in next time. If the tagged user is online / signed in, then the next page he goes to, he should see a notification that he was tagged.

  3. The notification text will be:
    @UserName tagged you in a comment. See comment and respond at this link.

  4. We want this notification to appear on all pages of the site.

  5. The user who sees the notification, can dismiss it by clicking X on the right, or click on "this link" and go to the comment where he was tagged. We want there to be an anchor so that the page scrolls to that specific comment.

  6. When the user dismisses the comment, or clicks on the link, the notification disappears and no longer shows up.

  7. The notification should appear under the header.

  8. We also want to create a new page called "Notifications" and add it above the Sign Out button in the main menu. This page should show a list of all notifications that a user got, have the link & anchor to the comment where the user was tagged. Also, we want there to be a date stamp next to each notification, so that the user knows when he received it.