October 25, 2019

Architecture Strategy

The last two weeks have been a working architecture strategy session with our Alpha team of users and designers. We have been closely following the updates to what Facebook has been doing to their interface, since it is now looking as though they are thinking along the same lines as we are. They want to remove comments on Instagram and focus on privacy since that is where people are sharing the most.

"The future is private" starts around 1min and 30secs:

This shows that we are definitely in the right path! They are not taking it to the search engine however. We have been doing a design review to ensure that we are not encroaching on anything that FB or Instagram is looking at for their interface. It doesn't look that our system of rewarding points for comments based on a particular keyword phrase has anything to do with the way they are doing things.

Because of this, we are continuing to design the database repository along the lines of people connected in groups based on specific keyword phrases. It is truly unique.

We are creating the architecture for people to post up various social media postings in these keyword phrases and feel secure because they are in private member sections. That is the key component of Zabang.