May 8, 2019

Social Search Communities

We have completed the testing if there latest modules and are ready to move forward with additional improvement. Zabang is spreading it's social capability now.

We have an initial beta test team created this week consisting of specialists in social media design. We have gone over the latest modules in the social network part of the search engine and are improving and adding onto the design. Once we decide which modules to work on first, we will update it.

Basically, it is grown to a point where people can find a community of others that share their own particular viewpoint and see what their search results are for any particular Keyword phrase.

Now that we have set up the main infrastructure to create these social groups working the members of the search engine network, we are working on how the members within a community can chat and message each other, and also invite others to Jon their particular community by joining Zabang. This is the viral growth aspect we have gotten implemented. With this component, Zabang will really grow.