January 29, 2019

Keyword Search Groups (KSGs)

We have completed installing and testing the new virtual server for Zabang testing for Beta users.

We spent most of the time this week continuing the work on Keyword Search Groups (KSGs) in Zabang. Each KSG has 4 tabs, as follows:

  • KSG Results - We worked on this in the last few weeks, and completed it already;
  • Chat - Users will be able to comment on this KSG inside this tab; We copied all the functionality from the Website Reviews, duplicated it, and made it work for KSGs.
  • Owner - This tab will have this information about the KSG owner:
  • Settings - This tab will allow the user to rename the KSG or delete it. This tab will be visible to the KSG owner only.

The only things left to do on KSG are:

  • allow users to search for results inside KSGs by writing search queries that look like this: "restaurants in new york * restaurants", where “restaurants in new york” is the searched keyword, the * sign is the separator, and “restaurants” means that search results should be pulled from KSGs that have “restaurants” in the KSG name. We will work on this functionality this coming week.
  • testing, bug fixing, making all the KSGs functionality live.