June 16, 2018

We have the social search engine up and running now

We have the social search engine up and running now.

It works very well. We've been testing it all week and will now be applying our free indexed URLs, paid ads and featured ads on to the page.

A couple of things of note:
1. If you search on a keyword phrase that doesn't give so much attention on social media (phrases that old people tend to use) like:
"Best golf driver 2018"

- here, you will get great relevant results on the web tab, but not so relevant results on the Social tab. This is because not many people (usually young people that rule social media do not play golf) are on Twitter, FB or YouTube about this topic.

- Here is where Zabang can help out: Our community will rearrange the results to get the most relevant of the results up to the top. It is a really great concept what we have.

2. Now, if you search for something topical and relevant on everyone's radar at the moment, you will get great social results and not so great web results. This is another bonus for Zabang that Google doesn't necessarily do so well just yet.

For example, searching on "Argentina World Cup Messi" will give you great results on both tabs. Many people are all over Twitter about how Messi messed up today by missing a free penalty kick.

Once we apply the new pages to these pages, we will then attach it to our social search community ratings system.