July 25, 2018

Submitted Social Pages Complete

We completed the updates that we have been working on during the last few weeks. The updates are live on Zabang now.

1) When adding a Featured Ad, the admin can choose whether the Featured Ad to appear on "Web Results", "Social Results ", or both.

2) When adding a Paid Ad, the user can choose whether the Paid Ad to appear on "Web Results", "Social Results", or both.

3) We created a new page where Zabang users can submit "Submit Social Pages". These "Submitted Social Pages" are links to various social network websites (e.g. Facebook company page, Twitter company page, Reddit company page, etc).

4) We also made the "Submit Social Pages" appear on the Social Results in the following locations:

Featured Ads
Paid Ads
API results
Submitted social pages

5) Users can add comments and scores on "Submitted Social Pages", just as they do on "Submitted Websites" and "Submitted Apps."