Launch Updates from Our CTO

February 16, 2022

Zabang Newsletter

The Rise of Search Engine Communities

There is a new type of search engine taking over the Internet – specialized, community-focused search engines. Zabang is the first of this kind, and you have the unique opportunity to be in on the ground floor. Zabang is revolutionizing the search engine industry by focusing on the needs of a specific group of people. Specialized needs necessitate customized results.

September 15, 2021

Zabang Update

It’s time for another update! We are working on the next level search engine – mobile-friendly and powered by human experts – you and the people you sponsor. The more knowledgeable they are about a particular subject, the more revenues you will make. 

Let’s face it, Google results are considered top notch – for now. Remember, Google was created for the 1990s mindset (where people used personal computers - no mobile phones and no social media) Isn’t it time for an upgrade to the new Google? A search result page where the results revolve around you and your personal views – not just the popular, mainstream view? A search result page curated by experts? We think so.
What if you had the experts in the subject you just searched on gather their top 10 ranked results for you? And what if these experts came from communities you can join to discuss and chat about your needs? Instead of machines and AI bots, you have real humans answering your needs. Wouldn’t that be better?

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December 15, 2020

Keyword Search Phrase Domain Names

Hello Zabang!

It’s been long overdue, but here is our latest update. We have been working very hard before and during this pandemic crisis in transforming Zabang to a mobile-friendly social search engine that pays you.

The biggest addition to Zabang is that we have created a way for it to grow bigger and get more valuable over time – allowing for an even bigger cash flow stream for our members. How are we doing this? By allowing members to establish their own mini-search engine empires within Zabang.

Imagine if you owned the top 10 search results for popular Google search phrases like “Best new pickup trucks” or “Real estate for sale in Florida”. How much revenue in sponsored ads do you think they generate from these pages? With Zabang, you will soon be able to register keyword search phrases such as these and share in the cash flow stream. And if any of your 2-level downline registers these phrases, you have the potential to earn even more.

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June 22, 2020

Prelaunch coming soon

We are in the final phases of beta testing and expect Prelaunch soon.

However we are holding back due to COVID-19. We need a successful launch and our market are the people/businesses most affected by the U.S. shutdown.

May 14, 2020


We continued the work on displaying the list with tagged users on Zabang. Again, it's the list with users that one tags when commenting or sharing content with.

We have also got started on the functionality where users would tag each other based on their unique @usernames, instead of full names. We started by adding fields to the registration and edit profile forms where the user would enter a unique username, and storing them in the database. This functionality was suggested by the alpha test team, in order to prevent the situation when there are multiple users with the same name, as in this example, and one doesn't know whom to tag.

Displaying both the username, and full name in the dropdown and searching by both would be ideal. In this way, when a user knows someone username or name, he can write any of these two and find that person. We will test this idea when finished by the test team and see what they have feedback on.

April 27, 2020

Tagged users on Zabang

We are continuing the work on displaying the list with tagged users on Zabang. It's the list with users that one tags when commenting or sharing content with. The task is more complex, so we have more work and testing to do there.

We have done the following recently:

When the user receives the shared information, he/she can click on the name of the user, and can go to see the content which was shared with them.

We are also working on rearranging this list as follows: users who are active in a chat room, users whom I follow, users who are following me, the rest of the users on the site.

This next week, we are finishing with the requirements that will allow for users to tag each other with their unique avatar names (e.g. @usernames), instead of real full names. As you know, there are multiple real full names, but one can choose several unique avatar names to be in the system with, depending on the hat one is wearing at the time.

April 11, 2020

User Search

These are the progressions we have made these last 2 weeks:

We have continued to work on the functionality that we discussed about in the previous updates. We have been in design phase 2 weeks ago and coded this last week. This last week, we reached the point when I can display some of this functionality. There is now a button on all content types on the website which allows a user to share content (submitted websites, apps, etc) with other users. When the button is pressed, it becomes a search with auto fill and lets you type the name of the user whom you are looking for.

Moreover, we made the names of the ones who tagged other users to be clickable and send to that user's profile.

March 28, 2020

Social Network Strategy

These past 2 weeks we have created the social network strategy within all the groups, starting with how people will search and follow others. The first part of this strategy is with tagging users.

This past week, our work focused on enhancing the users tagging functionality on Zabang. We are transforming this dropdown into a "search with dropdown" where users can search for any of their followers, following, as well as any user on the site.

March 17, 2020

Ad Network Design

This past week, we are all working remotely to continue to implement the new Ad network design. We are in the midst of creating the social media for ad placements and currently working with the realtime video streaming APIs, such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. We are looking at how the TikTok, Instagram and Facebooks video streams can flow into the Zabang network, in an attempt to build an organic audience outside the Zabang network.

March 9, 2020

Configuring Special Interest Groups

We are focused on working to configure the SIGs on the search engine. The alpha team has been working with these for the last few months on the design and now we are continuing to implement them across the Zabang network. In addition, we are still working on the ad placements and exchanges.